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We currently have a number of projects in development, and also a number of projects on hold. We are seeking to fill commission based and internship iPhone application development positions. This is a great opportunity for computer science students to get experience starting a project from scratch and taking the project all the way through the development and distribution process. Depending on the demands of the project, applicants will work individually or with a team of developers. If you would like more information about the current available projects or the program structure, send us a message at

We are currently hiring interns to fill marketing positions. The iPhone application market provides a dynamic learning environment for students interested in developing their marketing skills. iPhone application marketing is aggressive, and the market is very responsive to creative strategies. Interns will work on developing an intuitive "feel" for the iPhone application market and explore a variety of consumer marketing strategies. The iPhone application market is an especially interesting medium for developing marketing skills because the effect of a campaign is apparent almost immediately - generally within a matter of days. For more information, email